Wednesday, September 16, 2009


life was smooth and happening.....
fear was far and strength was near;
mankind was aspiring high,
life was in the top gear;
summer went off, came in spring;
and watch out what did it bring!!

challenged mankind al of a sudden;
shaked the faith which was still hidden.
showered its ill effects everywhere.
mankind loosing to the viral influenza,
washing away the facts in the above stanza;

fear has striken everywhere,
more than physical,its mental;
shaken is the mankind,
fear has found a new home in everyone's mind;
has mankind lost to this challenge?
has the strongest faith been shaken?
has the power lost?
has the link been broken?
these questions i leave it to you;

i request the humanity,
come out and fight.......
nothing is more powerful than HIM
and we r HIMself
remember the golden words
"wen the going gets tough,the tough get going"
-------------------AAKASH ASIM ROY


  1. is just an attempt to wipe out the not that gud as a poem.............will try again...thank you!!

  2. Life can still be smooth and happening
    Fear can still be far
    Mankind must be aspiring high
    Life must be in top gear...........

    It has always been seen that whenever mankind becomes weak somebody invades it, so is the case with swine flu. There have been many challenges to our mankind and we are proud that we always stand firmly against it; then what happened this time. Swine Flu is nothing but a havoc created by our own mankind and disseminated out of boundaries by media, again our own deadly creation.
    Why this time fear has overpowered us, why is that the mankind is shaken this time, why at all we allowed fear to make a home inside our mind???
    Its not the swine flu which is a culprit but its only this mankind which is the culprit........I am sorry to say but this all is a hype created by some of us for their own benefit and we have to fight the influenza virus as well as these deadlier viruses of our society.........

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