Tuesday, November 17, 2009


On the crowded busy street,
Of the country’s biggest commercial hub
Lay aside a strange noble,
In the laps of nature,
Calm, quite and …perhaps sober.

But the calm creature sitting quite,
Reveals every gentle truth of this world,
May it be sad, may it be delight.
Expressions seal the vocabulary of words,
Emotion, a true reflection of notions.
Alas! Caring could he be so great?

I offered him a penny.
Twice when I offered him,
My hands were stopped, not by my fiend,
But by those feeble hand which needed them most.
And a voice came soaring high,
And getting deep to my within-“SIR! YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE TO IT”
I was stunned, I was still
In utter silence, I cried out.

Those words came in a tedious surprise
I saw the incarnation of the divine,
Descend on the HOLY soil of INDIA .
Tears swept through my eyes….and,
A clause—“ INDIA ’S RISE” adhered to my voice

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


life was smooth and happening.....
fear was far and strength was near;
mankind was aspiring high,
life was in the top gear;
summer went off, came in spring;
and watch out what did it bring!!

challenged mankind al of a sudden;
shaked the faith which was still hidden.
showered its ill effects everywhere.
mankind loosing to the viral influenza,
washing away the facts in the above stanza;

fear has striken everywhere,
more than physical,its mental;
shaken is the mankind,
fear has found a new home in everyone's mind;
has mankind lost to this challenge?
has the strongest faith been shaken?
has the power lost?
has the link been broken?
these questions i leave it to you;

i request the humanity,
come out and fight.......
nothing is more powerful than HIM
and we r HIMself
remember the golden words
"wen the going gets tough,the tough get going"
-------------------AAKASH ASIM ROY

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Destiny tuned to fate,
embarrasments entangled to hate,
good in symphony to evil;
past synchronic to present,
loss in tune to gain,
success invaded by failure,
everything here.............
goes collateral

Sorrows enclosed in smiles,
grieves shadowed under sighs,
days followed by nights,
thoughts preceeded by illusions,
vainity accompanied by showers,
aggreements and collate, together go....
evrything here........
goes collateral

Benevolence and jealousy,
care and misunderstanding,
truth and falsehood, pain and gain,
highs and lows, timid and colossal;
everything here..............
goes collateral.

Value for endeavour,
tit for tat,
returns for the favour,
everyhthing here...............
goes collateral.

----------AAKASH .................

Thursday, July 16, 2009

coming soon......................

,.................................THE BEGGAR!!

Thy world, my view

the entire world's a stage and all life a play
everyone has to play a part
some play merry some sad.
All does play, but, to the wish of supreme.
who handles every role to its extreme.

astage where fantasy prevails,
rules the wish of every individual
no matter, simple or intellectual.
Yet exceptions always remain,
Thus, are some great men

Alas someone could comprehend,
the misery of mankind
come out, struggle
and sustain...........!!

Aakash asim Roy


Life esteemed with pride and honours,
expectations, ambitions and aspirations,
overwhelming response in life,
bring showers of ecstacy and inspirations.
faith strngthened by just one,
sweet and shy voice.
Profound love and sentimental choice.......!!

Ecstacy and charisma begins to shatter,
with just one egoistic flatter.
Numerous calamities begin to shower
upon a single fragile flower,
situations seem to carry away all faith and power...............!!

A mere feeble step seems detrimental
shaking every thought and desire
no matter how sober,how gentle.
A happy life lost somewhere,
leaving behind its memoirs everywhere,
Everything lost in utter infinite,
echoing sharp and loud,
touching the deepest of my insight...........!!