Wednesday, September 16, 2009


life was smooth and happening.....
fear was far and strength was near;
mankind was aspiring high,
life was in the top gear;
summer went off, came in spring;
and watch out what did it bring!!

challenged mankind al of a sudden;
shaked the faith which was still hidden.
showered its ill effects everywhere.
mankind loosing to the viral influenza,
washing away the facts in the above stanza;

fear has striken everywhere,
more than physical,its mental;
shaken is the mankind,
fear has found a new home in everyone's mind;
has mankind lost to this challenge?
has the strongest faith been shaken?
has the power lost?
has the link been broken?
these questions i leave it to you;

i request the humanity,
come out and fight.......
nothing is more powerful than HIM
and we r HIMself
remember the golden words
"wen the going gets tough,the tough get going"
-------------------AAKASH ASIM ROY